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Motivating Your Students to Achieve in a Safe Learning Environment

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A David A. Levine Webinar


Module One: May 31, 2012, 4pm-5pm EST

Module Two: June 7, 2012, 4pm-5pm EST

Module Three: June 14, 2012, 4pm-5pm EST


Module 1. May 31, 2012

Creating the conditions for motivation

            meeting your students’ emotional needs

            the life trajectory of a student

            engaging in micro-interactions

            helping responses

            the 2 by 10 rule


Module 2. June 7, 2012

Teaching pro-social skills

            pro-social not anti-social

            putting social learning theory into practice

            building a continuum of listening

            the community meeting


Module 3. June 14, 2012 

Encouragement through feedback

            feedback defined

            dialogue and collaboration

            naming the world of learning

            the fishbowl


Cost: $97 for the 3 week program


Each session will be recorded and available for webinar participants for six months along with a downloadable program guide as part of your fee.



Webinar Training


Over this past year, with all of the focus on the common core learning standards and annual professional performance review (APPR), many teachers, mental health workers, and principals have expressed the desire to integrate social and emotional learning into your classroom practice and school culture while meeting the requirements for State and Federal mandates.


There is also the ever-present concern over the issues of bullying, aggression and intolerance that exist in all schools.  What I’m seeing and hearing is that even though you know how important it is to support and nurture your students toward achievement while creating safe and bully-free schools, at times it feels as if the external pressures put upon you, make it increasingly difficult to do so as effectively as you would like.


And yet I know that the stresses you feel and the frustration you live with many days of the school year will not change unless you take action to change how you respond to the new reality of school reform.  You have to embrace the potential to teach pro-social skills while building a classroom community where bullying is minimized within the systems changes being implemented.  People have told me they do not want or need a new curriculum or complicated program but instead are looking for a new consciousness of how to create safe and civil schools. It is time to return to the passion you once felt when you went into the educational field by reframing what you do every day  (making a difference in the lives of your students), and how you do it (by creating safe and civil schools).


That’s why I’m announcing my very first Motivating Your Students to Succeed Webinar, where for 3 weeks you will have the opportunity to learn strategies that will inspire you in implementing an emotionally safe learning culture for your students that will motivate them to succeed.


The vision to offer this type of program came from numerous conversations I had over the last year with teachers, principals and school mental health professionals. Many of my colleagues encouraged me to consider offering a webinar or teleconference in lieu of an on-site institute or workshop as a cost-effective and further reaching strategy.  I have decided to offer The Motivating Students to Succeed Webinar and I am inviting you to join me on my very first one.  I have priced this to make it affordable while being motivating, thought-provoking and practical.  As a participant,  after each phone-in, you will be able to download a recording of each module with a manual for implementation.


Each session will begin with a 45 minute talk followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.  I am excited as I look forward to working with you in this program that represents the last 25 years of my social culture building work in schools and classrooms.  It’s time to celebrate what we do every day as significant adults in the lives of our students and The Motivating Your Students Program is a great place to start.